Vizzini S. Farnsworth

Friend and ward of Petros Lorrimor



An odd and brilliant man whose deductive abilities border on the fantastic, Vizzini is famous for his astute logical reasoning. He is sadly given to sudden bouts of inattention and melancholy puncuated with bursts of announcement.

Seconded to Petros Lorrimor on the his staff at the University of Lepidstadt. Was given the title Professor Extraordinarius. Became close friends with Royston Raven, Angyal Lovaid Kasfogo and Dr. Utterson at the University.

Was instrumental in foiling the plans of the Juggler and his marionette flesh golems.

Sadly, upon receiving word of Professor Lorrimors death his sorrow was too much for him to handle. He hung himself that same night. Royston Raven found him hanging from the balcony of the University of Lepistadt apartment he had shared with the professor for two years.

Vizzini S. Farnsworth

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