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The Tomes of Petros


The Tomes of Professor Petros Lorrimor


Upon returning from the jail Royston and Tonii find the rest of the party waiting for them. There is a small, iron-bound chest on the table.

After they left, Rikkar and Dr. Utterson went into the cellar again and searched for the books. They had noticed that one of the three, large wine kegs against the wall had the appearance of not being used. They found that if they twisted the spigot on one the entire front of the cask swung upwards revealing a hidden compartment in which they had found this chest.

Kendra had the housemaid pour them all a drink and then dismissed her. Angyal was put to bed. Then, with mounting excitement, they set the chest on the table in front of them and prepared to open it.

Before they could continue Tonii expressed his concern and opinion that the late professor would not have wanted his daughter present during the opening of these “illegal” books. After all, he had mentioned in his will that he had wanted to spare his daughter knowledge of the shadier side of his profession.

A slightly angered Kendra had declared to the “hired help” Tonii that, while she appreciated his concern, it would take wild horses to drag her away from the table. Rikkar expressed his opinion that she had every right to be at the table as an equal member. Kendra seemed to appreciate Rikkar’s support.

With that Royston checked the chest for traps and Tonii opened it using the small, triangular key that Vashian Hearthmount had left with the will.

Inside they found several old tomes and one relatively new one.

The newest tome sits atop the stack of older books and has a note attached to it labeled “READ ME NOW!”

This book turns out to be Petros Lorrimor’s journal. Petros Lorrimor’s Journal

The journal was a record of the adventures the professor had been on over the years. Each member of the party found reference to themselves in the journal and the adventures they had shared with the professor.

However, what drew their eye was certain passages circled with red pencil. They referenced the professors growing concern with a secret society of necromancers know as the “Whispering Way”.

It was starting to look as if the professors death was not an accident and that he may have fallen afoul of this nefarious group of necromancers.

The other books in the chest were various proscribed tomes that the professor had been using in his studies of the Whispering Way.

In the professors will (See: “Reading of the Will” in the Adventure Log) Petros had charged the group with the proper return of these books to the specific authorities at the University of Lepistadt. He had also promised a rich reward for their delivery.

The remaining books were as follows: The Tomes of Petros

  • Manual of the Order of the Palantine Eye
  • On Verified Madness
  • Serving Your Hunger
  • The Umbral Leaves

All the books emanated a feeling of dread and evil.

No sooner had they set the large books on the table than they heard voices and sounds of alarm outside. Quickly putting the books away and rehiding them in the cellar they went to the door to discover what the commotion was about.

Small groups of people were headed past the house. Even though it was after midnight there was a large number of distressed townsfolk making there way down the road.

Kendra stepped to the pathway and asked a passing couple what was happening.

“There has been desecration at the monument!”


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