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The Reading of the Will


The Reading of the Will


The party returns to the Lorrimor residence and Kendra has the house staff serve them drinks from the well stocked cellar while they wait. They asked Kendra what she knows about her father’s death.
Further discussion led to Kendra telling them that her father had been found dead out of town somewhere. His head and most of his upper body had been crushed by a large stone. When asked for further detail Kendra informed them that she knew little except that her father had died 17 days ago and had been found by Sheriff Benjan Caeller and his deputies. They had not let her see the body because of the horrendous way he had died.

They group found this strange and decided the sheriff needed a visit.

Rikkar and Tonii leave the house and go to the Town Jail. A deputy is sitting outside the building on a bench. His name is Riff. When asked about the Sheriff he tells them that the sheriff and his other deputies are out “talking” to the ruffians that caused trouble at the Restlands earlier today and wont be home till late. Rikkar asks Riff to tell the Sheriff that they were looking for him and wish to talk to him. Riff says he will.

They return to the Lorrimor residence.

Right on time Councilor Vashian Hearthmount arrived carrying a leather satchel. He makes it clear with his look and attitude that he does not approve of these “strangers” sitting in on the reading of the will but takes a breath and continues to the end of the table seating himself there. He takes out his papers and sets them on the table along with a scroll. As he does this an small iron key falls to the table beside him. He ignores it.

With a look from Kendra he reads the will.

Lorrimor will

His duty done Vashian gathers his papers, bows to Kendra and leaves.

The group asks Kendra if she knew of these books that the will mentions. She expresses surprise and denies any knowledge of such books.

The party decides that the sheriff needs a visit before it gets to late. They also decide that the books need to be found.

Royston and Tonii head of into the night to visit the jail. Rikkar and Dr. Utterson start searching the house for the lost tomes.


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