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The Dwarf and the Monk and a Star-Filled Night.

Forge 2

The Dwarf, the Forge and the Monk


Royston and Tonii left the Lorrimor residence and made there way to the Ravengro Jailhouse. The townsquare was empty and quiet except for the sound of the blacksmith. The banked coals of the forge glowed orange as the blacksmith worked late into the night.

They found the Jailhouse closed and shuttered up for the night. A low growl behind them alerted then to a large dun colored dog. They had met Old River, a large dog who lived under the townsquare gazebo. Royston threw the dog some rations and he took them up and trotted away.

Upon gaining entry to the jailhouse by picking two locks on the back door Roystons and Tonii searched the jail. They found little except for one paper that mentioned Petros Lorrimor had been crushed brutally by a large stone gargoyle that had fallen onto him.

They put things back in order and left.

Upon leaving they realized that the blacksmith had stopped working. The night was quiet.

Jorja, the female dwarf blacksmith, was standing out front looking at the night sky and drinking and ale.

Fearing that they might be noticed and knowing he had a reputation anyways, Tonii stumbled out into the square as if he were drunk (which he was) and made his way over to Jorja.

After talking with Jorja for a brief moment and sharing here ale with her he took her hand and led her back into the forge.

As soon as they were inside Royston made her way across the square, past the eating dog and down the road towards Lorrimor’s place.

As she made her way past the forge the hammer started up again … but it sounded quieter and less rhythmic. Strange. she continued on.

8 minutes later a scampering Tonii made his way down the road tightening his belt and wiping ale from his lips.


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