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Arrival at Ravengro

Ravengro art


Arrival at Ravengro

The story started with Rikkar Olande sitting amongst the trees on the slopes of the Tusk mountains overlooking the road leading north out of Tamrivena. He was watching a gigantic flock of Great Ravens cavorting amongst the trees of the Shudderwood.

Many travelers passed on the road that day but one traveler, specifically, was looking for him. Tonii Jai, houseboy to the Lorrimor family in Ravengro, walked up the road and told Rikkar about Petros Lorrimors death. He then handed him the request from the family that he be present at the funeral and the reading of the will.

Rikkar and Tonii started the long walk south towards Ravengro. They specifically avoided the overly paranoid town of Tamrivena and continued south.

Towards evening they were overtaken by a large, wine-colored wagon bearing the Coat of Arms of Lepidstadt University. In the wagon was Royston Raven, Dr. Utterson and Angyal Lovaid Kosfogo.

After introductions it was discovered that they all had a common friend, Professor Lorrimor, and had common purpose, they had all been summoned to his funeral and will reading.

With this discovery they all boarded the wagon and headed south.

As night fell they came upon an abandoned roadside-inn with a cabinet of antique curios.

Angyal pulled out her Harrowdeck and performed a reading for the party concerning the upcoming days.

Before they could investigate further the camp was set upon by 4 small, reptile-like creatures that jumped straight for the face, latching on and trying to tear out the eyes of their victims.

During the ensuing battle Royston had a creature climbing on her. Rikkar took aim to shoot it off and missed … shooting Royston in the chest and nearly killing her.

The next day they travelled south giving the eerie town of Clovers Crossing a wide berth and towards evening ended up in Ravengro.

The first member of the community they met was the young Pevrin Elkarid. He was busy posting news on the posting poles. Very friendly son of a local innkeeper he gave them directions.

Continuing past they drove by a school of magic “The Unfurling Scroll”. The wagon continued into the town square where Tonii Jai and Rikkar got off to go into a local tavern “The Outward Inn” to get a drink and listen to music.

The others continued on to the Lorrimor residence in the south of town.

Upon arrival at the home or Petros Lorrimor they came upon a strange man working on some sort of large brass and tube contraption in the back of a wooden handcart. When they walked up to talk to him they were quickly told by the eccentric inventor Horace Croon to stay outside the line he had traced in the dirt.

With that, a lovely woman came to the door to scold Horace and invite them in to the house, Kendra Lorrimor.

She names them each and asks if Darius Kane is with them. They say he is not. She seems slightly distressed by this but simply expresses hope that Darius is healthy and well and then invites them in.

Inside the house were a few other friends of the professors there to attend the funeral.

Acting Sergeant Dun from Lepidstadt, the merchant Zvraskav Hora, Duristan Silbio Ariesir (an admirer of the professors adventures), mysterious Kvalca Sain, and Abraun Chalest (a professor of far off Osiria). All were friendly and a brief flurry of introductions and friendly chat ensued.

Angyal was taken under the wing of the lovely Kendra Lorrimor immediately. Professor Chalest took Royston and Utterson in the cellar to find wine. The cellar was full of antiquities from the professors adventures including a large sarcophagus.

Soon Rikkar and Tonii arrived at the house (Tonii having remembered he was, after all, in the employ of the Lorrimor’s and should be doing his job).

A large explosion brought everyone running to the front door only to discover that Horace Croon had got his machine “working”.

At this point Acting Sergeant Dun left in disgust and the rest of the guests agreed to wrap it up for the night.

The party was given rooms at the very spacious Lorrimor residence and were just settling in for a nightcap and discussing the professor’s death when they heard a light tapping at the window overlooking the garden

Upon investigation they could see a spectral Raven tapping on the window. As they opened the window the raven took flight and vanished to the south.

As they were watching it fly into the overcast, moonless night they saw a figure run from the garden towards the woods.

They jumped out of the window and gave chase … with Rikkar bringing up the rear as he had stumbled heavily into the rose bushes.

After a short chase they were able to capture the runner when he got entangled in a large briar patch bordering the property.

He was an emaciated, crazed individual spouting senseless prophecies and predictions and demanding in a whiny voice to be let free. “They are coming” “From Leng they will come” etc. Tonii knew him as “Antrellus the Mad”. He was a harmless crazy hermit who lived in the woods so they let him go.

Upon returning to the house they met again with Kendra Lorrimor who had just finished getting herself and Angyal ready for bed.

Upon seeing Rikkar she smiled. Rikkar and Kendra recognized each other as childhood acquaintances. They had met 10 years earlier when Kendra was living with a group of Sczarni as an adopted daughter to the clan head Urseg. Rikkar, his father Holt Olande, Professor Lorrimor and the professor’s companion at the time, Brys de La Chance had helped the Sczarni clan defeat a fell threat and Rikkar and Kendra had become friends. Urseg had died.

Upon further discussion it was discovered that Professor Lorrimor had taken the young Kendra in and adopted her as his own. She had lived and learned with him for the past 10 years and was now a young woman.

After a brief bit of small talk the party went to their respective rooms and went to bed.


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